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But what surprised her even more than her hostess鈥檚 politeness to a footman, or the handing of a cigarette to herself, was her husband鈥檚 obvious unconcern with the magnificence of his surroundings. He seemed perfectly at his ease, and though there was nothing in his manner which suggested a sort of haughty polish which she felt was suitable in these exalted places, he behaved as simply as if he was at home. In fact his simplicity almost made his wife blush once, when, on the occasion of a large puff of smoke coming down the chimney he said to Lord Inverbroom, 鈥業 can show you a new cowl which will quite stop that.鈥 But Lord Inverbroom did not seem the least uncomfortable at this sudden peeping out of the mercantile cloven hoof, and merely replied that a cowl that would prevent that chimney from smoking would be worth its weight in gold. That was very tactful, and Mrs Keeling was vexed that her husband would not leave the subject: instead he laughed and said that the cowl in question did not cost much more than its weight in iron. Then luckily the talk drifted away on to books, and though Mrs Keeling knew that by all the rules of polite behaviour her husband should have been engaging his hostess in light conversation while she talked{167} to her host, Keeling and Lord Inverbroom quite lost themselves in discussing some Italian book with pictures that had lately appeared. Lord Inverbroom said he could not afford it, which must be a joke....

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This he read through before posting it. It was a sound business letter, saying just what it set out to say. But he wondered why it lacked that certain aroma of courtesy which distinguished the letter which it answered. He perceived that it was so, but no more knew how to remedy it than he knew how to fly. But he could walk pretty sturdily along the ground, and it required a stalwart push to upset him. And if the undesirable happened, and Lord Inverbroom鈥檚 fears proved to be well founded, he knew he had a sound knock ready for the whole assembly of those who collectively thought he was not good enough for them.?
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鈥業s that remark made to me?鈥 he asked.!
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It had happened before occasionally that he had given her a holiday on Saturday morning from the half-day鈥檚 work, and he seized at this, as she handed him the last of the batch to be signed.
鈥楾ake that on account, please,鈥 he said. 鈥業f you want to be business-like, give me a receipt. And I advise you to spend some of it on a little holiday.鈥
鈥榃ell, he had had nothing to eat for three days,鈥 she remarked. 鈥楾hat seems to show that I鈥檓 right.{12}鈥
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